Settlements in Space!

Just a quick update on my work here at IMS-FORTH (see more here): today I finished working with an Ottoman historian here at the institute to translate a 16th-century tax record for my research area. There were a total of 38 villages listed in the southwestern part of the Mani peninsula, 23 of which we found  in later archival records and/or modern maps. These are the ones I was able to put on a map – the other 15 were either illegible or we couldn’t match their names with any other lists. That’s okay though, I’ll gladly take the 23!

Settlements listed in TT80, Mani, Greece

The settlements listed in TT80, showing the order in which they were recorded (green to red); white settlements are found in later historical records.

One of the really cool things about this document is that I can use it to estimate the population of each village around the time it was compiled (A.D. 1514), which is 100 years earlier than any published records about the region.  I haven’t had a chance to run any analyses yet, but I’m pretty excited just to get these on a map and show off a bit. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Settlements in Space!

  1. Rebecca, this is really ground-breaking work. There have been some analog mapping of villages for the Peloponnese (starting with Antoniadou-Bibicou’s 1970s work with Braudel in France) but none of it has gone beyond a bunch of black dots on a white map. Once you establish the protocol, maybe we can expand it to include other data from other regions. Hope your fieldwork in the Mani went well. And nice to see you on the blogosphere

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